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[DADS] History
Est: January 2001
[DADS] history

clan leader: s|inger

Basically [DADS] have gone through three major phases in the history of [DADS]

Phase One: [Severian Shotgun Days and our change over to Valve Days]

We originally started out as a Severian MOD clan back in July of 2001.

The original [DADS] consist of the following players:
Evil E
Illustrated Man

Four of us worked for the same employer, one was a friend, one was a brother. Yes, all of us had one thing in common, we were all fathers in real life. Well, DUK was an expecting father so it was only a matter of time. The name of [DADS] was my idea as I was a recent father and thought it would be funny to have the tag of [DADS] instead of some vicious or malicious name as most of the other clans were using.

We had our first match on July 13, 2001 against a clan called CPK [Comanche Peak Killers]. Oddly enough it was a victory. The clan leader of CPK named KumGitSumOdis shortly after that match became [DADS]HusYoDaddy.

There was this guy who asked me to play my clan in a match one afternoon. His name was =ONE=DoctorDank. He would only play us if we played Valve. I had wanted to play =ONE= as they were one of the best clans out there at the time ad DoctorDank ran the PoT tournament that I wanted to play in. We played of all maps, boot_camp and came out defeated with a score of 75 to 17. Not bad I thought. It couldn’t get any worse than this… oh was I wrong.

We played in PoT3 and finished with a grand total of 11 points. We only finished 2nd place in our 8 matches 1 time officially when three clans played. It was the final week of the regular season, otherwise it was last place. As we were very new to the Valve DM, we were a very easy target. Everyone was lining up to play us because we were an easy victory for our oponent. We kept our chin up and kept on playing despite our nightly bashing. We didn't bitch, moan or insult the other clan and funny thing, we had a reputation for being a classy clan.

We recruited a few other players along the way up to this point:
JoJo_White aka ‘cn.Crusher
CaNaDiaN aka [*V&M*]JeLLyCaiNe,
BillyBobFred aka [AWD]Clan_Killa,
SilentOne aka [=ONE=]Synch or [dPc]Techy

Phase Two: [Improvement Period]

This period was really a learning experience for [DADS]. Almost the entire list of players from above had left the clan for one reason or another. We also picked up another long time active player to date. Coming over from the UTC clan, crawdad joined our ranks. To this date, I’m not sure why he asked to be in the clan, but I still say my ‘thanks’ on a nightly basis.

For a few months, we were a roster of three players: slinger, HusYoDaddy, and Crawdad. Then a clan named vVv folded and we picked up two of their players. MissAmericanPie [aka JeLLyCaiNe aka CaNaDaiN], and SpeedRacer [Random] plus this one guy that they knew from V&M when they were with V&M named StickerBoy. When he joined [DADS] he was known as Sticker.

PoT4 started, we worked hard on our team play skills. We picked up another player named QuickSilver. Another great addition to the roster. We had a killer lineup back then: Crawdad, Sticker, QuickSilver, MissAmericanPie, Random. We were called the most improved clan of the tournament and finished with a total of 19 points. We tied for the final playoff spot, but lost in the tie-breaker match to ssx.

There was this weird period with a clan called nnl that almost took half of my clan away, but that didn’t quite pan out as they had planned. [Due to space limitation and I want to keep your attention, I'll skip that part] Yet a few months later, that half of my clan left to do real life. This turned out to be a good thing in the end because I was flooded with new talent for the clan.

Phase Three: [DADS of today or the final HL1 roster]

Having the recruitment power of QuickSilver, our roster filled up fast. We picked up JohnnyRocket from [*V&M*], Veive from |pb| and from the game OP4 we found [K-9]~RED! and Chronic. From there it was almost a new player or two every week; [K-9]PinkEye, [K-9]Tripple6, [ssx]Skills, [AAA]Rico, [V&M]Zeke, [ONE]|c3, |LoM|Paladian, ShapeShifta, [ONE]DruceLee, CanteenBoy, [ssx]Nemesis, [ssx]PainKilla, [CHuD]Silver, RedRum, Skie, [TSG]Slick, Jade, [umL]term

From these players we played out PoT tournaments 5, 6 and 7 advancing into the playoffs every time and fairing quite well among the best North American clans. [DADS] been one of the most active clans in HL since our start. Among the numerous friendly matches we've played in, our league and tournament matches consists of the following: PoT 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - DML 1, 2, 4 - FragFest 2003 - HLFL - iL2 - VIP 2 - AAT 1 - ETC 1 [champions]

Now we've come to HL2. A new game. A new phase four for [DADS]....